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autor: Harold
14 kwie 2009, 01:50
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Temat: A lesson Dutch!
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I know this thread is old, but it's even worse! Look at this: 1) Hij vind TDL aardiger dan ik. (he likes TDL better than I do) 2) Hij vind TDL aardiger dan mij. (he likes TDL better than he likes me) They are both correct, but they have a different meaning, as indicated in the translation. Very diff...
autor: Harold
03 mar 2009, 23:22
Forum: English users forum
Temat: Remake: KAM TKE
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Remake: KAM TKE

Of course many of you have heard of it, but I thought, why not keep you guys informed as well? It seems like a sensible thing to do since I think most people who will play it are here - because most KAM fans are here :) The official website is here: http://www.schwarzfischer-pictures.de/KaM-TKE/ It ...