Polish Translator Wanted For Lewin's Mission Editor

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Polish Translator Wanted For Lewin's Mission Editor

Post autor: Lewin »

Hello Everyone,
I am Lewin, the one making the mission editor. As you may have noticed the Polish translation has been getting out of date. (only 75% of it is translated) This is because my current translator, Lucbach, is very busy running this fan site and forum.
So I am looking for a new person do to the translation, as he is too busy.
There are very few requirements:
- You must be a native Polish speaker.
- You must be able to speak English ok (just as long as I can understand you. You don't need to be an expert)
- You must have enough free time on your hands to do the translation.

If you are interested, please post here or send me an email: lewin@namsys.com.au
Thank you very much!

EDIT: kuba11100 has become my new Polish translator.
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Post autor: Dexor »

Now when we have Google Translate this is easy.

btw. Something new about editor?
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a small trouble with translation

Post autor: łucznik »

I have played polish verision of KaM remake. And it is great. And internet game is very fascinating. And there is a small trouble with polish verision of multiplayer.
In the room menu you choose team which is properly translated as "drużuna", but it has more letters and dont fit in. So instead "team 1"
you see only "drużyna" and don't see number. And don't know who has chosen which team.

I didn't know where to write about it, so I put it here.

thanks for all
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Post autor: kuba11100 »

ZoZoN, who apparently took care of the Polish translation some time ago, has already posted a fix that makes the number show before the "Drużyna" text. Get it from here:
ZoZoN, tłumacz remake'a na polski, już jakiś czas temu poprawił to tak, że numer pojawia się przed słowem "Drużyna". Możesz ją ściągnąć z:
http://www.knights.sztab.com/forum/view ... 1648#41648

Also, please post next notes about remake in the appropriate topic, as this one is about no longer developed mission editor.
Wszystkie kolejne uwagi i problemy odnośnie remake'a pisz w odpowiednim temacie, ten jest akurat o już nierozwijanym edytorze misji.

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