Fifth K&M championship of the

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Fifth K?M championship of the

Post autor: Bur » 31 mar 2012, 16:38

Greetings to all! The site has a tradition to hold tournaments every six months, and this year is no exception. We are proud to announce the launch applications for the upcoming championship:

Championship Date: from April 28
Type of game: 1 vs. 1.
Allowed Games: KaM Remake (KMR), TSK*, TPR*.
Map: "Coastal encounter", but if agreed with the judge and the opponent you can choose any other fighting map!

Additional Information:

- After the match, to confirm the victory of (if there was no judge present at the battle) you will need to submit 2 screenshots. One needs to be done at the end of the battle. And one of the victorious outcome of the meeting. If the winner can not make a screenshot of winning, then the resulting screenshot can be provided by the defeated side! If you have any problems with the screenshots in TSK/TPR, you set this registry key PrntScr (Installation Guide for Windows 7). If the battle took place in KaM Remake (KMR), it is desirable to keep the replay of the battle.

- Players can choose where they want to play: KaM Remake (KMR), TSK or TPR, if the players can not agree, the game takes place in KaM Remake (KMR).

- WARNING! If you choose TSK or TPR then there are following rules:

A. There must be two fights. With the change of color and position (to negate archers shoting range bonus).
B. If there is a draw, then the final 3rd game takes place in KaM Remake (KMR).

If you can not play the battle because of the problems with the Internet, we recommend a third party (or a judge) to host the server and players to join it. In this case, you must put a "union" with the host.

Judge: DIV (

Award: Medal and the name on the front page of, the glory and the game Unreal Tournament III on Steam. (Number of prizes can be changed and added. If someone is willing to sacrifice anything, I would appreciate).

Send a request to participate in the championship in this topic may be in the form:
A. Nickname (for a single game and tournament tables.)
B. ICQ, Skype or other contacts for communication.

List of participants:

The official forum topic of the championship: