Mission ONLY for advanced users!

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Mission ONLY for advanced users!

Post autor: Alanbach » 07 kwie 2009, 16:37

Hi guys! I have just written this message on the other topic, but I want to share my brand new mission with all other users.

This mission was made for advanced players only! Level of difficulty: 10 / 10. Please do NOT change this mission or map in the editor if You want to be a real knight! Do not cheat!! Moreover please do not watch the map file before successfull ending of the mission.

The plot: We`re arriving to discover new lands, but suddenly, after the storm our ship crushed on the mystery island! As it happens fastly, that we are not alone on the island. Wild natives kidnapped our slaves! They have imprisoned them, so we have to rescue them as soon as we can. We have huge army, but not for long...

Attention: to run the mission please copy file "smission1.dat" to "data/mission", then copy file "save00.map" to "data/mission/mmaps". After game run please select the FIRST mission from the missions for ONE player.

And here`s the link: http://www.freewebs.com/betania1/data/d ... ission.rar

By the way: sorry Lucbach, that I`m putting my post here on the english-users part of forum, but You know, that I`m not a frequent visitor of the forum, so I wanted to share my work with You all, and hear Your opinions :smiesne: about it. Moreover I`m sending You all my best Easter wishes :usmiech: